VMware Identity Manager provides Identity management solution along with Single Sign ON functionality. 

Some times we have requirement of using VIDM as  SP (service provider ) and this service provide VIDM needs to use another VIDM  or any other 3rd party  solution as IDP for example Oracle Identity Management , Microsoft ADFS.  This configuration is also supported by VIDM.


Follow below steps to configure V...

When Active directory is a multi domain configuration its recommended to have a integration type as IWA (integrated windows Authentication)

VIDM supports IWA if there is a two -way trust between all  child domains and  parent domain.

Requirements: We need to add a connector to the domain and we need a bind user in any of the child domain.

Follow below steps to configure IWA for directory integration

click Identity & Access Ma...

VIDM (VMware IDentity manager) supports below three types of Directory integration.

1) Active Directory Over LDAP/IWA

2)Active Directory Over LDAP

3) Add Local User Directory (creates local Directory)

We will see which type of directory integration is recommended and how to configure the same.

1) Active directory Over LDAP / IWA 

 Depending on the complexity of Active directory structure.  If  Directory structure is single domain si...

VIDM / WS1 Provides few options where we can apply custom branding as per our Organization's Branding policies , color and logo combinations.

Here are few options where we can apply custom branding to Workspace ONE/ VIDM

login to Workspace ONE admin portal

 Click Identity & Access Management and click setup on left and click custom branding..

 Once we click Customer branding we will see below two options 

 Option 1 Name & logo , Op...

Some times we need to enable debug logs on vidm appliance to trouble shoot issues related to authentication, Directory sync or even communication between service and connectors.

follow below steps to enable DEBUG level logging on to VIDM appliance:

login to appliance using sshuser and su to root

Navigate to /us/local/horizon/workspace/config location and look for files & folders using ls -altr command.

open hc-log4j.properties fil...

We can create custom monitor and response that can be configured at Network Load balancer Level to determine if VIDM service is up or not. 

We can create our custome string that Load balancer will monitor and if unable to get response conclude that service is not available hence stop passing the traffic to the node where service is down.

Follow below steps to configure custom monitors:

Login to VIDM connector/ UI appliance w...

Below Diagram Explains all port requirements to implement WorkSpace ONE / VIDM

Please open ports accordingly, if we need to implement  WS1 / VIDM in a firewall seprated environment.

At  enterprise level, it is very important to provide best of End User experience to customers. Users really want  a seemless experience to their work environement be it the applications or other services.

Workspace ONE provides few capablities that make sure users who are logging in  to a domain joined machine dont have to provide password again to access any of other services intergrated to workspace one.

Kerberos Authent...

vRealize Log lnsight delivers heterogeneous and highly scalable log management with intuitive, actionable dashboards, sophisticated analytics and broad third-party extensibility. It provides deep operational visibility and faster troubleshooting across physical, virtual and cloud environment.

How ever Loginsight also allow configuration of single sign on with Worksapce ONE as Identity source.

We will see how to integrate VMware...

Workspac ONE comes with Two Options 

1) SAAS based  (User interface and Database are hosted and managed in Cloud, connectors will be hosted and managed by your administrators ,on your internal Network ) 

2) ON Prem solution ( All Components including User interface, Database and connectors will be hosted and managed on prem)

When a user requests workspace one services he will hit service url . How service will come to know i...

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