Migrate IpSets From NSX V Manager to NSX T Manager

Scenario : If you are trying to Migrate your work loads from NSX V to NSX T

This solution / tool could save you some time to migrate your objects eg. IpSets , Security Groups etc.

Tools Needed :

PowerShell 7 , PowerNSX PowerShell module installed along with below NSXT modules installed

Steps before Running solution , run below commands on PowerShell prompt and using Admin rights

Find-Module *nsxt* | install-module

Install-module PowerNsx

copy below PowerShell Function and copy paste in your PowerShell window and run


How it works ?

Basically it asks you few inputs , NSXV Manager details , credentials NSXT Manager Details and Credentials

Logic :

Upon getting all inputs it connects to NSX V Manager using credentials provided , collects all IpSets into a variable

Then Loops each IpSet and connects to NSX T manager and creates same IP sets using IP set Values aka IP addresses

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