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Deny all Traffic From your VDI workloads using NSX

Using NSX Micro-segmentation, is a great way to control and Secure Horizon View VDI solution.

SX can be used to Manage and Control Traffic going to Internal network of any organization.

For Example

HR department Should not be allowed to Access to Finance systems and may be Food department should not be allowed to access any data or application which belong to HR or Finance.

Moving back to some NSX automation, that can help block all Traffic coming out of VDI machines.

Some times Security demands are high and VDI or Security administrators are often told to be ready for an emergency procedure to block all traffic coming out of VDI systems.

Below Script used with Power NSX can help achieve this , Its really simple few liner script that can block all traffic from your VDI systems.

# Author: Jitendra Singh

# Blog : www.xtra-virtual.com

#Purpose : Running below codes Creates rule no 1 in NSX DLR firewall to stop all traffic from Mentioned Security Group

# Make sure NSX module is imported on system where script is running

# click here on how to install PowerNSX on your system https://github.com/vmware/powernsx or

copy below code from https://github.com/j33tu/engineering/blob/master/DenyAll-NsxRule.ps1



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