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Enable Power Cli on Horizon View Connection Server

Power Cli Another powerfull tool from VMware to automate your operations.

Now VMware included horizon view power cli module from Version 6.5

We can install Power cli latest version by downloading from Here

By Default it will only allow two commands



which are useful to connect to API service and you may run all API queries using those commands.

But how to run other commands to automate horizon view operations. For that we need to install power cli on horizon view connection server and run few steps to configure the same.

Power cli is another tool which you could download from click Here

once downloaded installation is easy steps click next > next > next as mentioned below.

Make sure fulfill all prerequisites for , eg. .net framework and power]shell 3.0

once you install Powercli you will only get two options when trying horizon view operations



We need to run few additional scripts to enable other Horizon View related commands ?

Why i need to enable those additional commands ?? to perform some automation in horizon operations.

you need to go to c:\program file\vmware\vmware view\server\extra\powershell and execute few Powershell scripts with name Add-snapin , procedure as below VDO.

run this snap in and you are good to use all horizon commands.



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