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Worksapce ONE Custom Branding

VIDM / WS1 Provides few options where we can apply custom branding as per our Organization's Branding policies , color and logo combinations.

Here are few options where we can apply custom branding to Workspace ONE/ VIDM

login to Workspace ONE admin portal

Click Identity & Access Management and click setup on left and click custom branding..

Once we click Customer branding we will see below two options

Option 1 Name & logo , Option 2 Sign-in Screen

rename Company Name, Product name as per your branding.

click save to save these settings and click sign in screen for more customization

select Logo to upload and background image (optional) to upload and below we have more options to select more options to select background color,Box Background color,Login button color and text color.

We have some more branding options go to catalog> settings > user portal branding

Upload Masthead logo of your choice select background colors and other we have more options to put more branding and customize our own Workspace ONE portal

This is how login page and portal looks after custom branding applied.

This is how we can customize our Workspace ONE portal as per organization's branding needs....!!



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