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Workspace ONE Loginsight Integration

vRealize Log lnsight delivers heterogeneous and highly scalable log management with intuitive, actionable dashboards, sophisticated analytics and broad third-party extensibility. It provides deep operational visibility and faster troubleshooting across physical, virtual and cloud environment.

How ever Loginsight also allow configuration of single sign on with Worksapce ONE as Identity source.

We will see how to integrate VMware Workspace ONE and VMware Loginsight.

Workspace one End configuration :

We will create A new application using information from loginsight

login to Worksapce ONE Admin portal and navigate to Catalog > add application > Click Create a New One

provide name for this new application and click Next

add your log insight FQDN or IP address followed by /login for all below inputs

Login Redirection URL :

Assertion Consumer service :

Recipeient Name :

Audience : Log

Make sure we select Manual configuration for metadata selection

click Save and assign users or group we want to give access to this app.

Our Workspace ONE end configuration is done !

Loginsight End Configuration :

login to loginSight Manager using local admin username and password

Navigate to Administration and then Go to General Under Configuration on the left.

Make sure VMware Identity Manager SSO is enabled

go to Authentication under Configuration and click Vmware Identity Manager situated just right of Active Directory Tab.

Provide needed Details as mentioned , we can leave optional fields , Click test connection to check connectivity to your Workspace ONE tenant and once succeed hit Save.

We are done with SSO configuration loginsight End. Are we missing some thing ?

Yes we are missing User details at loginsight end . Any SAML based SSO integratoin needs application to have user information so user can be authorized when SAML token is passed to application when a user launches the same from WorkSpace One.

How to do it ? navigate to Access control under Management on the left side menu.

We have to make sure that user or group is available at application (LogInsight) end .

We will create new user and a new group on LogInsight end.

click + New User

select VMware Identity Manager for Authentication type provide username and e mail if want to add

click save to save the user and now we are done from both ends with this integration.

lets check how to login to log-Insight using SSO , go to Workspace ONE app launcher page and application that we have created .

this will reach to login page for log insight , there we have to select VMware Identity Manager from drop down and click Login VIA SSO

This is how we integrate VMware Workspace ONE and LoginSight.

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