• Jitendra Singh

Horizon View Admin Page Socket Error

Recently , faced this issue where my horizon view administrator page was not opening with below error.

HTTP Status 404 - /admin/ The requested resource (/admin/) is not available

Checked Services on port 443 and i was getting a response.

Even tried https://ConnectionserverFQDN:443 , got this working perfectly

What may be reason ?

Well this is because of VMware View Web Component service having some issue.

This might be started wrongly or might be corrupted.

How to fix this ?

Solution 1 : Restart VMware View Web Component service services and check if this fixes this issue.

If you see service is stuck at stopping you may kill process for this services and then try to start service again

Solution 2 : If Steps in solution one do not work we need to reset service folder with below steps.

To resolve this issue, recreate the installpath\webapps\admin folder.

To recreate the installpath\webapps\admin folder:

  1. On the Connection Server, open Windows Services and stop the VMware View Web Component service.

  2. Navigate to installpath\Server\broker\webapps\admin (for example, C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware View\Server\broker\webapps).

  3. Rename the admin folder (for example, admin_old).

  4. Start the VMware View Web Component service. The admin folder is automatically recreated.

  5. Navigate to https://servername/admin.

  6. Delete the renamed admin folder.



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