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VMware Workspace one and horizon view integration

As we all know today every user wants best of the end user experience. This may include below requirements from end users:

1) Not using passwords again and again and not too many passwords for many applications

2) Can i get my virtual desktop as well seamless with out putting passwords and on a central screen.

Well solution is Workspace One, it enables you to connect to your digital workspace with out providing passwords again and again and make sure you are connected to all your enterprise services (Apps + VDI + FIles one drive)

You can integrate all your web applications with workspace one and now with latest release you can integrate your existing Horizon view enrionment and launch User destkop from WorkSpace Portal itself

This integration is done using SAML 2.0. Please follow below steps to integrate your horizon view instance with Workspace One, Please note you can integrate more than 1 horizon view pods with Workspace One.

Configurations is a two way exchange. First we will see what needs to be done at horizon view end to enable horizon view for integration.

Below Configuration to be done at horizon view connection server

Login to horizon view connection server

We are using latest horizon view version which is 7.0.3

Navigate to Servers > Click Connection Servers tab

select the first connection server and click Edit

Click Authentication

Enable SAML Authentication As Allowed and click Manage SAML Authenticators

click Add and configure details as asked

Lebel : Provide any logical Name

Description : Provide any description like Workspace One and view integration

Metadata Url : Provide Metadata from Workspace One End

Administration URL : This you can keep blank

Make sure you select Enabled for connection server

click OK it will provide your certificate from Workspace One that you need to click view Certificate

And you will be able to see certificate from Workspace One, Click accept at bottom. Make sure you get below screen after you accept certificate.

Click Ok and one more time Ok to confirm settings. This is how you will enable SAML Authentication on View connection server end.

I am having two connection servers, small configuration is needed on each connection servers.

Follow below steps to configure each connection server and enable SAML integration.

click on second connection server and click EDIT and go to Authentication

Click Manage SAML Authenticator and you will see same configuration but its disabled

Click Edit and make sure Enabled for connection server is checked and click ok to configure the same

You need to click ok several times to get this configuration done.

You need to repeat all these steps to enable same configuration on all your connection servers.

This is how SAML configuration is done at horizon view end.

Below Configuration to be done at Workspace One end

Lets move to Workspace one end see what configuration is needed to finish integration with horizon view.

Open Workspace One Admin console

click Catalog and then select Application Catalog

Click Manage Desktop Applications on the right and select view application from drop down

you will see a list of all connectors there , select connector which is joined to domain.

it will redirect you to below screen if you will select a connector which is not part of domain.

It will redirect you to view pool configuration page when you select right connector which is joined to domain.

select Enable view pool and a new window will load where you can configure your view pod.

Provide connection server details (you may specify any one connection server )

Provide valid username and password which has admin rights on view connection server.

you may keep other settings as default or choose sync frequency as well.

You also have option to add one more view pod. Just have to click + Add View Pod option on the right.

Click save if username and passwords are valid and have enough rights you will see screen as below.

if SSL certificates are self signed you need to validate them by click on Red Marks.

Click Invalid SSL Cert and you see self signed certificate from your connection sever. Click Accept.

Repeat the same for second connection server as well. Once you accept all connection server certificate you will screen as below.

Scroll down and click save to save all configurations. and finally you can click Sync Now option to sync view pools into Workspace One.

Once you click Sync Now you will get a summery of how many groups are added deleted or any alerts

Click Save and Continue. It will take some time to sync all pools available on connection servers.

You can check sync logs by selecting Check Alerts and check sync status as below.

Once sync done , you should be able to see view pool under launcher and you can launch your view desktop from Workspace One only.

Right Click and we can launch via a browser or Launch with horizon view client.

This is how We Integrate Horizon View and Workspace One to give user Smooth work experience !!!

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