• Jitendra Singh

User Environment Manager in an App Volumes Environment: How Does It Fit?

Both User Environment Manager and App Volumes help provide Workspace Environment Management.

But is User Environment Manager just a profile management tool? As its name aptly suggests, User Environment Manager manages the entire user environment; this includes user profile information and policies. This makes it much more than a profile management tool.

User Environment Manager offers simplified profile and policy management with personalized access across devices and locations for end users. Not only can you manage user profiles easily from a central location, but you can also manage policies to control user environment settings dynamically.

Another great feature of User Environment Manager is that it decouples personalization from the OS. Settings can be updated dynamically, and applied across all supported platforms. Users can log in to a different OS and retain their settings. Application settings are applied only at application launch, thus minimizing login times, and Windows settings (such as the desktop background, desktop screensaver, keyboard settings, and so on) are always injected at login.

To check supported platforms, see System Requirements in the User Environment Manager Administrator’s Guide.

To get a feel for User Environment Manager configuration and setup, see the blog post VMware User Environment Manager Deployed in 60 Minutes or Less.

Where does User Environment Manager fit into the App Volumes picture? App Volumes provides real-time application delivery, with application life cycle management, to end users and desktops. AppStacks (read-only VMDK or VHD files) containing a number of applications are attached to desktops when the user logs in, or they can even be attached after the user is already logged in. User Environment Manager allows you to manage different types of application settings, whether the applications are native to the desktop, are ThinApp packages, or are on AppStacks and writable volumes.



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