• Jitendra Singh

Ideal specification of icon on workspace one

When we want to add new application to workspace one , we have the option to upload the icon for our application during the application configuration page.

This application can be a web application or a mobile application, how to design the icon as far as specification is concerned ?

here is the specification/dimensions , that can be used to create application icon

1) Launcher (Desktop) - 76px x 76px 2) Launcher (Mobile) - 58px x 58px 3) Catalog (Desktop) - 120px x 120px 4) Catalog (Mobile) - 52px x 52px

So the optimal size would be 120px x 120px. I would define that as the minimum requirement for optimal icon image quality however as you know conditions have been put in place to adapt the icons to be the best quality they can be ie. Scale down and not up.



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