Using NSX Micro-segmentation, is a great way to control and Secure Horizon View VDI solution.

SX can be used to Manage and Control Traffic going to Internal network of any organization. 

For Example

HR department Should not  be allowed to Access to Finance systems  and may be  Food department should not be allowed to access any data or application which belong to HR or Finance.

Moving back to some NSX automation, that ca...

When we speak about log management, configuring syslog for all our systems, is and easy option

In Case of NSX configuring syslog on NSX manager is an easy task (Using GUI) but configuration of syslog on NSX controllers takes some efforts  using REST APIs. 

The only way we can configure syslog on NSX contollers is, Using API  

All API commands and help about NSX is available in NSX API GUIDE

We will now see how to use NSX API...

When We talk about NSX components, we have below components as part of NSX deployment

Data Plane

NSX data plane consists of many logical component that provision NSX services like Routing , Switching , bridging  , logical firewall. It consists of vSwitch which use vsphere distributed switch (vDS) from vCenter to connect to the physical network and enabling all services. NSX kernel modules, userspace agents, configuration files,...

Below mentioned are default value of  TTL but if you get something less than them it means that many hopes are in between  you and mentioned server

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