As off now there is no Simple Horizon view Power-Shell module available in Power Shell Gallery

 Module resides into Connection server.  You Need to be on connection server directly to run Power-shell / PowerCli commands

How to workaround  this and connect to your remote Horizon View Connection server ?

I have written a simple Function that will help you to connect to your Remote Connection server and then perform all Opera...

Power Cli Another powerfull tool from VMware to automate your operations. 

Now VMware included horizon view power cli module from Version 6.5

We can install Power cli latest version by downloading  from Here

By Default it will only allow two commands 



which are useful to connect to API service and you may run all API  queries using those commands.

But how to  run other commands to automate horizo...

Getting A black screen  while connecting to Horizon VDI is some thing that  no one wants, Specially VDI Engineers.

Lets discuss a bit in details on this... there are few KBs available where a lot information is given to solve the black Screen issues.. 

Typical steps to connect to VDI using horizon client are 

1) Authentication

2) Click on pool you want to Connect (black screen comes after this step)

and we do not have any...

Using VMware Horizon pool linked clone desktop, we often set desktops to be refreshed or deleted once the user logs off the session.

When a use logs off, default behavior will be: Machine would be refreshed or deleted as per the policy selected  but actual behavior that we may see in our pool inventory as below 

  • VMware View virtual machines are unavailable.

  • The View Administrator console shows the status...

As we discussed how to get snap shot details for Parent VMs in our VDI environment. Now going forward its really important once A pool recompose operation is done and successfully validated we should delete oldest snapshot from all VDI Parent Machines.

this should be done with a small script as below

Import-Module Vmware.Vimautomation.Core

# Connect to vCenter server

connect-viserver "vcsa01.vclass.local" -username vclass\admin -p...

Often we need to check how many snap shots we have on our Parent VMs or other Virtual machines. 

A general use case for a VDI administrator is to keep track of the number of snap shots available on all parent machines in VDI environment.

Best practice is to keep max 2-3 Snapshots for backup purpose.

How to get snap shot report ? how to do a clean up of unwanted snap shots...

This is  really simple with VMware Power Cli. To downloa...

Now a days while we use Horizon view as our anytime anywhere available virtual machine, Administrators go for floating automated linked pools to save storage and making flexiblity in assignment.

But still we have some concerns, basically they are about the User Data and Profiles.

Along with high availability, users still want their profiles to be available when they log into the VDI solution, basically they want their data avai...

VMware Horizon view comes with many optoins when we talk about different types of pool types. Based on different aspects below are pools that come up with Horizon view.

Automatic pools:

Automatic pools can be complete virtual machines clones or linked-clone desktops.  

Full clones  pools are automatic but they copy machines from a pre defined template, it creates pool of machine which are clone from a parent template. Full clones...

Before going forward to talk on Difference between view Access points and View security servers lets discuss a bit about the roles of security servers in a horizon view environment.

Well security server play an important role when we talk about availability of view services over internet. 

As we are aware we need connection servers to be part of domain and its never a best practice to keep your domain joined components into DMZ....

As we all know today every user wants best of the end user experience. This may include below requirements from end users:

1) Not using passwords again and again and not too many passwords for many applications

2) Can i get my virtual desktop as well seamless with out putting passwords and on a central screen.

Well solution is Workspace One, it enables you to connect to your digital workspace with out providing passwords again an...

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