Use FsLogix For Profile Management : Part 2

In my Last post we discussed about how to use FSlogix for our Profile Management We used registry keys to configure user Profile redirect to a file Share available in your domain. What Options we have for Storage / Share: We could use Windows File share with appropriate permissions to users This windows File share can be on Prem or windows server running into Azure Azure Also offers File share services , We could deploy Storage account and Create Azure file share Which can be integrated with on Prem Active Directory Or we could also use Storage Account Directly which is supported by FsLogix We have a

User Profile Management With FsLogix

When we are designing Virtual desktop for different use cases, User Profile Management is one of the ask. Virtual Desktops being non Persistent and Floating in nature, User Profile management definitely provides better user experience. Basic user profile management includes user Preferences, Environment settings, Browser Book marks, User credentials, Outlook configuration etc. To manage User Persona this we have few Tools / technologies available 1) App Volumes Manager with Writable Volume Option 2) User Environment Manager 3) Persona Management 4) GPO for user Profile Folder redirection AND 5) newest in the list is FSLogix , a simple and useful tool for Managing User profiles in a Non Pe

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