Change the Expiration Period for Service Provider Metadata on Horizon View Connection Server

Applicable only if using VIDM or 3rd party SSO provider to integrate Horizon view for Single sign on If you do not change the expiration period, View Connection Server will stop accepting SAML assertions from the SAML authenticator, such as Access Point or a third-party identity provider, after 24 hours, and the metadata exchange must be repeated. Use this procedure to specify the number of days that can elapse before View Connection Server stops accepting SAML assertions from the identity provider. This number is used when the current expiration period ends. For example, if the current expiration period is 1 day and you specify 90 days, after 1 day elapses, View Connection Server generates

Enable Power Cli on Horizon View Connection Server

Power Cli Another powerfull tool from VMware to automate your operations. Now VMware included horizon view power cli module from Version 6.5 We can install Power cli latest version by downloading from Here By Default it will only allow two commands Connect-HVServer Disconnect-HVServer which are useful to connect to API service and you may run all API queries using those commands. But how to run other commands to automate horizon view operations. For that we need to install power cli on horizon view connection server and run few steps to configure the same. Power cli is another tool which you could download from click Here once downloaded installation is easy steps click next > next > nex

Black Screen on Horizon View Client ?

Getting A black screen while connecting to Horizon VDI is some thing that no one wants, Specially VDI Engineers. Lets discuss a bit in details on this... there are few KBs available where a lot information is given to solve the black Screen issues.. Typical steps to connect to VDI using horizon client are 1) Authentication 2) Click on pool you want to Connect (black screen comes after this step) and we do not have any clue, if we look internet for help we might find few KBs which will list down n number of steps to figure out RCA. In a typical VDI environment where all configuration steps are performed to make VDI up and running its rarely a configuration on Horizon end that causes this

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