Clear Last VDI parent Snapshots

As we discussed how to get snap shot details for Parent VMs in our VDI environment. Now going forward its really important once A pool recompose operation is done and successfully validated we should delete oldest snapshot from all VDI Parent Machines. this should be done with a small script as below Import-Module Vmware.Vimautomation.Core # Connect to vCenter server connect-viserver "vcsa01.vclass.local" -username vclass\admin -password ###### # Now Fetch fodlers where VMs reside in vCenter inventory $foldername = "test" $VM = get-vm -location $foldername | Select -ExcluedeProperty Name foreach ($VM in $VM) { $totalsnap=get-snapshot -vm $VM $tobedeleted=$totalsnap[0] remove-snapshot -Snapsh

How to Get Snap shot Report of all Parent VMs

Often we need to check how many snap shots we have on our Parent VMs or other Virtual machines. A general use case for a VDI administrator is to keep track of the number of snap shots available on all parent machines in VDI environment. Best practice is to keep max 2-3 Snapshots for backup purpose. How to get snap shot report ? how to do a clean up of unwanted snap shots... This is really simple with VMware Power Cli. To download and install Power Cli 6.5 click here for this task we will have a small script which will get snap shot report for us, script as below(edit as per your environment) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ #im

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