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Hi Everyone , I am pleased to inform you that , there will be a new page (video channel) available on my website, with Video tutorials on all product installation and configuration, This initiative will help all to learn more about VMware product with interactive manners. Channel will be fully available from 15th July 2017 , a demo channel is available at below link we can reach to learning zone using the link available @ home page of my website. Happy Learning..

Virtual Desktop Pool Types in Horizon View

VMware Horizon view comes with many optoins when we talk about different types of pool types. Based on different aspects below are pools that come up with Horizon view. Automatic pools: Automatic pools can be complete virtual machines clones or linked-clone desktops. Full clones pools are automatic but they copy machines from a pre defined template, it creates pool of machine which are clone from a parent template. Full clones require more storage space and don’t have many of the advantages of linked clones as far as ease of management (i.e. they can’t be redeployed easily with settings intact). They behave more like a physical desktop, as they are independent from the “parent” virtual mach

Creating Smart Group..

One of the most exciting feature of Workspace one Aka Identity Manager Is smart groups, Basically smart groups are not ad group but based on AD attributes we can create groups internal to Identity Manager and use them for entitlements. Lets take an Example: I have a large Active Directory where my new application should be only available to people only in US. i may not want to create a new user group in AD as for all such requirements my AD administrator has to work again. Many other requirements also can come where my company has bought another company and i want an application to be only available for all employees from that new company but with my companies account. Here Attributes pla

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