VIDM as SP and IDP

VMware Identity Manager provides Identity management solution along with Single Sign ON functionality. Some times we have requirement of using VIDM as SP (service provider ) and this service provide VIDM needs to use another VIDM or any other 3rd party solution as IDP for example Oracle Identity Management , Microsoft ADFS. This configuration is also supported by VIDM. Follow below steps to configure VIDM ad SP and IDP both. 1) VIDM (IDP end configuration ) : IDP end configuration pretty much remains the same as other SAAS or internal web application, We will basically create a new application by making use of SP metadata from second VIDM instance. Go to catalog > add application > cre

Difference between Unified Access Point/ Gateway and View Security Server?

Before going forward to talk on Difference between view Access points and View security servers lets discuss a bit about the roles of security servers in a horizon view environment. Well security server play an important role when we talk about availability of view services over internet. As we are aware we need connection servers to be part of domain and its never a best practice to keep your domain joined components into DMZ. To solve above problem statement We have Horizon View Security Servers that take care the requests coming for View services , They reside into the DMZ network which is open for internet requests and can communicate to back end horizon view connection servers in trust

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