Active Directory Configuration IWA

When Active directory is a multi domain configuration its recommended to have a integration type as IWA (integrated windows Authentication) VIDM supports IWA if there is a two -way trust between all child domains and parent domain. Requirements: We need to add a connector to the domain and we need a bind user in any of the child domain. Follow below steps to configure IWA for directory integration click Identity & Access Management and click add Directory Give a name and select IWA as option (2nd option) Scroll down for more options if policy allows only over SSl select below options and provide SSl certificate from domain controller server. Remember since here its a single forest multipl

Active Directory Configuration AD over LDAP

VIDM (VMware IDentity manager) supports below three types of Directory integration. 1) Active Directory Over LDAP/IWA 2)Active Directory Over LDAP 3) Add Local User Directory (creates local Directory) We will see which type of directory integration is recommended and how to configure the same. 1) Active directory Over LDAP / IWA Depending on the complexity of Active directory structure. If Directory structure is single domain single forest then we should go for Active Directory Over LDAP If its a single Forest multiple domain Structure IWA is recommended. IF directory is a LDAP directory Use LDAP directory Option. Lets see one by one how to configure these directory types A) AD over LD

Worksapce ONE Custom Branding

VIDM / WS1 Provides few options where we can apply custom branding as per our Organization's Branding policies , color and logo combinations. Here are few options where we can apply custom branding to Workspace ONE/ VIDM login to Workspace ONE admin portal Click Identity & Access Management and click setup on left and click custom branding.. Once we click Customer branding we will see below two options Option 1 Name & logo , Option 2 Sign-in Screen rename Company Name, Product name as per your branding. click save to save these settings and click sign in screen for more customization select Logo to upload and background image (optional) to upload and below we have more options to select more

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