How to enable Debug Logging on VIDM appliance

Some times we need to enable debug logs on vidm appliance to trouble shoot issues related to authentication, Directory sync or even communication between service and connectors. follow below steps to enable DEBUG level logging on to VIDM appliance: login to appliance using sshuser and su to root Navigate to /us/local/horizon/workspace/config location and look for files & folders using ls -altr command. open file with a text editor using command vi check log4j.rootlogger value, its INFO right now. Change this to DEBUG and save file and exit using esc :wq! This is how we will enable DEBUG logging on vidm appliance to trouble shoot issues. #workspaceone

Create Custom Monitor for monitoring VIDM Service from Load Balancer

We can create custom monitor and response that can be configured at Network Load balancer Level to determine if VIDM service is up or not. We can create our custome string that Load balancer will monitor and if unable to get response conclude that service is not available hence stop passing the traffic to the node where service is down. Follow below steps to configure custom monitors: Login to VIDM connector/ UI appliance which needs to be monitored for service availability. navigate to /opt/vmware/horizon/workspace/webapps Create A directory using command mkdir monitor and change permissions with command chmod 755 monitor Go inside newly created directory and create new Index.html file usi

Workspace ONE / VIDM port requirements

Below Diagram Explains all port requirements to implement WorkSpace ONE / VIDM Please open ports accordingly, if we need to implement WS1 / VIDM in a firewall seprated environment. #workspaceone

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