TLS1.0 is disabled by default in VMware Identity Manager 2.6 and later. Do we have any workaround f

Issue : This may be one of the reason when you upgrade Workspace One to latest version and it stops working on Internet Explorer 10 Root Cause : Internet Explorer 10 be dfault Uses TLS1.0 as communication protocol and TLS1.0 is disabled in Workspace One be defauult . This may be some reason that few users cant upgrade to latest IE version , My be some application or work dependency. External product issues are known to occur when TLS 1.0 is disabled. If your implementation of Horizon, Horizon Air, Citrix, or the load balancer in VMware Identity Manager has a dependency on TLS 1.0, or if you are using Office 365 active flow, follow the below solution /instructions to enable TLS 1.0. Soluti

T-Shoot/Configure WorkspaceOne AD Sync

Workspace One integrates with Active Directory services so it can authenticate user and fetch all active directory attributes for many purpose as below: 1) Workspace One can pass AD attributes in SAML token that will help SAML enabled application to authorize the user. 2) Workspace One sync AD over the interval defined in settings, it will make sure that new users are having access to default application once they are created in AD and Access removed from workspace one for all applications once the account is disabled. 3) We can create Local Smart groups of users based on attributes like their Office location , Country location, Employee tatus, department, Manager, joining dates. 4) Mappin

VMware Workspace one and horizon view integration

As we all know today every user wants best of the end user experience. This may include below requirements from end users: 1) Not using passwords again and again and not too many passwords for many applications 2) Can i get my virtual desktop as well seamless with out putting passwords and on a central screen. Well solution is Workspace One, it enables you to connect to your digital workspace with out providing passwords again and again and make sure you are connected to all your enterprise services (Apps + VDI + FIles one drive) You can integrate all your web applications with workspace one and now with latest release you can integrate your existing Horizon view enrionment and launch User d

Horizon View Admin Page Socket Error

Recently , faced this issue where my horizon view administrator page was not opening with below error. HTTP Status 404 - /admin/ The requested resource (/admin/) is not available Checked Services on port 443 and i was getting a response. Even tried https://ConnectionserverFQDN:443 , got this working perfectly What may be reason ? Well this is because of VMware View Web Component service having some issue. This might be started wrongly or might be corrupted. How to fix this ? Solution 1 : Restart VMware View Web Component service services and check if this fixes this issue. If you see service is stuck at stopping you may kill process for this services and then try to start

Client System Information on View Desktops

When we are into some VDI related issues and trying to trouble shoot the same. We often need client system information where user is trying to connect remote VDI from. User have choice of client systems as Thin Client, Laptop, Desktop Mobile device etc. When some issue happens, question is how to know all client System information like IP address,host-name,Client Made model , Client types , Username , Domain etc. When a user connects or reconnects to a View desktop, Horizon Client gathers information about the client system and View Connection Server sends that information to the remote desktop. View Agent writes the client computer information to the system registry path HKEY_CURRENT_USER\V

load balancing Workspace one Connectors

When we plan to implement enterprise solution two things are point of concern 1) Highly available systems ( remove single point of failure / provide redundancy ) 2) Distributing load on more than one systems As we know WorkspaceOne Connectors have responsibility to sync users, groups from Active Directory and provide authentication services for users to launch SAML Integrated applications Considerations: We have 4 connector servers that we will use to remove single point of failure and providing redundancy along with load balancing for load. Two Connector servers will serve Internet traffic and another two will take care of intranet (internal) traffic. For security reasons internal connecto

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